» Burncast Tips & Troubleshooting
Here are some tips and troubleshooting advice for listening to the Burncast.

The Burncast is made in .m4a (podcast) format. More than a simple .mp3 file, the Burncast includes embedded photos, links and chapters.

The best software to play the Burncast is iTunes from Apple. iTunes is free to download and use, and is available for Windows and Mac. Of course, any other program that supports the .m4a podcast format should work as well. One such program is Juice. A great alternative player is the VLC media player, which is available for most computing platforms (it is open source, so it can be ported to other systems, if needed).

If you are having trouble subscribing to Burncast in iTunes, then go to the Advanced menu in iTunes, and select Subscribe to Podcast. Paste the following URL into the dialog and then click ok. This URL should also work with any RSS reader that supports enclosures and the .m4a format.


Or in iTunes, click on Store, then in the Search iTunes Store field, search for Burncast. Look for the audio podcast by DaBomb in the search results. Click Subscribe.

Once subscribed, iTunes will periodically check for new episodes and download them as they become available.

If you are having trouble downloading the file, try right-clicking on the Direct link for that particular Burncast and choosing "Save target as" or "Save linked file as" or "Save link as" and save the file to your computer. After the download has finished, open the file in your player and play the file. If your web browser adds an extension other than .m4a (for example, .txt) then rename the file with a .m4a extension and it should work.

If you have a properly configured web browser with a .m4a capable plug-in, you can listen to the Burncast directly in your web browser. One such plug-in is supplied with QuickTime.

You can also try streaming Burncast in a player that supports playing streaming audio. In iTunes, go to the Advanced menu, and choose Open Stream. Copy and paste one of the Direct Links into the resulting dialog. Streaming will not provide the embedded photos, links or chapter titles, but the audio portion should play normally.

We hope you enjoy the Burncasts!